Our identity

The guiding principles of our activity

Guiding principles are essential elements that can provide, give meaning to, and channel the personal and institutional efforts of members of the CEO. The purpose of these principles in to foster collective cohesion, trust and the will to make greater efforts to achieve fundamental goals.

The CEO guiding principles are as follows:

• To put Universidad de Los Andes at the service of the country.

• To promote knowledge transfer and capacity-building.

• To provide pertinent, measurable and timely results.

• The priority of all human action must be the preservation of natural resources.

• The region’s development must satisfy the present and future needs of the population and the country.

• Research requires the participation of those who are able to contribute.

• The projects implemented in the region must be fundamentally interdisciplinary.

• Promote the modernization and consolidation of economic activities.

• Seek productivity with minimal transformation to the ecosystem.

• Project development must be innovative.