The CEO has signed a number of agreements with regional actors, forming alliances to help promote responsible environmental, educational, governmental and health development in the Colombian Orinoco:

Amazon conservation team800x700Bogotá, March 27, 2017. - The Center for Orinoco Studies signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) on March 27 2017 focusing on a number of the CEO’s lines, including ecosystems and biodiversity, and the strengthening of associations and productivity.

Three lines of work were consolidated in the agreement:

1. Strengthen capacities among leaders, members of the community, and the indigenous reservations of the middle Caquetá River. The School of Economics at Universidad de los Andes under the leadership of Dean Juan Camilo Cárdenas, a specialist in common goods and collective partnership, has been working on such concepts over the past 10 years in order to ensure that the communities make good use of the resources.

2. Strengthening of the productive value chains in the region. A number of fruit and plant species have been detected as being exclusive to the region and to take full advantage of these species, the community, through the School of Management and Consultandes is being trained in business plans and associative and administrative work. The program provides support for communities and businesses with particular needs that can be solved in a specific time frame.

3. Maintaining the connectivity of biological corridors in the territories for the recuperation of landscapes through productive activities allowing the flow of species. This initiative is supported by Professor Pablo Stevenson through the University’s School of Biological Sciences.

The present agreement has a duration of four years as from its establishment.

Convenio unillanos600x600The purpose of the agreement signed between Universidad de los Andes, as a private institution, and Universidad de los Llanos, as a public one, is to promote and develop academic, research, extension services, teacher training, and administrative cooperation programs in all areas of academic development.

Convenio Hospital Yopal800x600As part of one of the CEO lines of work in education and health as the pillars of development, the Center signed a cooperation framework agreement with Yopal Hospital to establish the bases of cooperation between the two institutions.

Fundacion Horizonte VerdeBogotá, D.C., July 28, 2014.
The Center for Orinoquia Studies (CEO) at Universidad de los Andes signed a cooperation agreement with Fundación Horizonte Verde in order to implement two research, innovation and development projects that benefit the inhabitants of Casanare, Meta and Vichada in productive, tourism and environmental conservation activities.

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