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Active participation in the first Orinoco Students Think Tank meeting

primer CPEO800x600Bogotá, D.C. April 18 2017. In order to present, research and explore the realities of the region, the CEO had its first meeting of the Orinoco Student Think Tank. The purpose of the think tank is to provide students with a space in which they can present their initiatives in a number of lines of work: research, project formulation, thesis formulation and execution, internships, and the development of written and audiovisual material.

For Carlos Montenegro, director of CEO, this space of socialization shed light on the interest shown by the University’s students to work for the Colombian Orinoco on topics as diverse as the environment, indigenous communities, history, peace, economic wellbeing and social development.

“Today, we are opening the door for students to join projects for the development and application of the research undertaken. A door that we will keep open for all those that want to join the initiative, that want to propose solutions to real problems, and the CEO will be the roadmap for everyone” - Montenegro.

During the event, art, history, law, social science, engineering, and medicine students showed their interest in joining the project and taking advantage of the CEO’s trajectory and recognition through the Orinoco Student Think Tank. “There are many options to consider. There are many of us at Universidad de los Andes that look for these types of opportunities to explore, define and develop our ideas. We are thankful and motivated to continue to work in the region” - Lizethe Vanessa Rojas, student of the University’s School of Arts.

Finally, those wishing to join may consider other forms of participation: opinion columns, chronicles and articles in our newsletter, photographs, videos and other tools that shed light on the reality of the seven departments of the Orinoco and that highlight its historical, social, cultural and environmental wealth.