primer CPEO800x600Bogotá, D.C. April 18 2017. In order to present, research and explore the realities of the region, the CEO had its first meeting of the Orinoco Student Think Tank. The purpose of the think tank is to provide students with a space in which they can present their initiatives in a number of lines of work: research, project formulation, thesis formulation and execution, internships, and the development of written and audiovisual material.

Feria Libro Yopal nota800x600Yopal, Casanare, April 19 2017. The first ever book fair in Yopal, Casanare, organized by SOS Yopal citizens collective and Fundación Educar took place with the participation of over 12 thousand people, and average sales of 15 thousand books. The slogan for the fair was “donate a book you no longer use and enjoy the fair”.

Foro Altillanura800x600Puerto Gaitán, Meta, November 30, 2013. The sixth Forum for the development of the Colombian high plains took place in Puerto Gaitán, Meta. The meeting included the regional driving forces and the National Government, and its goal was to to shed light on the response and initiatives to the question, what is the importance of the Colombian high plains for the development of the Orinoquia and of the country?

reto agroalimentario800x600Villavicencio, Meta, February 27, 2014. “Orinoquia, the agro-food potential for Colombia: Challenges and opportunities,” were the thematic axes defined to contribute to the orientation fnesessary action to take responsible advantage of the regional wealth. Feria Expomalokas 2014 celebrated in Pueblito Llanero in Villavicencio with the broad participation of public insititutions, private companies and civil society.